Course overview

The Master’s Degree program in Medical and Pharmaceuticals Biotechnologies prepares highly skilled graduates in the biomedical and pharmaceutical biotechnology fields

During the first year the students acquire skills and knowledge on the fundamentals of biotechnology, particularly on the following topics:

  • stem cells and their use in various research fields
  • the genetic basis of pathological conditions
  • proteins engineering and RNA technologies, as well as their dynamic interaction (system biology)
  • biotechnological applications in biochemical/biomolecular diagnostics and in the development of biological markers
  • the biochemical and physiological aspects of human cells, tissues, and organisms
  • the basis of human pathological processes of infectious, metabolic, cancer, and degenerative diseases.

In the second year the student will choose between two tracks:

The Biomedical track focuses on the pathogenetic mechanisms of human diseases, non-pharmaceutical (vaccines, biological drugs, gene and cell therapies), and pharmaceutical therapies.

The Pharmaceutical track focuses on biotechnologies applied to the design, research and development, and analysis of innovative biotechnological drugs.