Career opportunities

The degree program will allow graduates to resarch, analize and produce biotechnologies in the following fields:
- biochemical, genetic and anatomo-functional of human cells, tissues and organisms;
- engineered proteins and RNA technology for the development of applications in the biomedical field;
- stem cells and their use in various fields of research and therapy;
- diagnostic, molecular and genetic applied to the biomedical field;
- human cellular and molecular pathological processes of an infectious, metabolic, degenerative and tumor type;
- design, production, analysis and formulation of innovative drugs and biopharmaceuticals
- analysis, processes and quality controls applied to biopharmaceuticals;
- nanotechnologies in the biopharmaceutical field and their applications in industry and research;
- business, management and marketing activities related to biotechnological products and patents.

Graduates of this master’s degree course can be hired in::
- Universities, public and private research institutes;
- Hospital laboratories;
- Pharmaceutical industries;
- Research and development laboratories and industrial production departments;
- Biotechnological service centers;
- Biotechnological companies.